Can you imagine how dull, unfriendly, unprofessional and uninviting websites would be if they didn’t use icons in building them?  When you build a website, people love to load a page and realize that the designer cared even about the little things.  However, even as using icons in web design certainly boosts its quality, improper placement and use of icons can be retrogressive.  Learning where to place and how to use icons will also help you understand where to place and how to use sidebars, headers, vectors, feature lists and other items in web design.

  • Accenting headers will give your titles a creative and outstanding touch but if you add a simple icon, it will complement the style and add personality and charm to the web page.  The key here is to know which icon to use because placing a wrong icon can be misleading.
  • Most web designers place icons to the left of text.  You do not have to conform to the unwritten rigid rules, spice things up a little by placing icons to the right of a paragraph or some other different position.  This will be more visual striking but can also be messy.
  • The objective of any website is to pass information, content which is often in text form.  To engage readers for longer, make the content space narrower but longer rather than wider and short, especially if the fonts are small.  You can use icons to separate the different portions of the content and to break monotony every few paragraphs.
  • When it comes to icons, size and color are not the most important elements, purpose is.  When choosing the right icons, consider the purpose or what visitors will think of first when they see the icon.  Black and white and small icons are just as effective as huge colored and glassy icons, just be sure to use icons that users easily recognize and can relate them with the content easily.
  • Consistency in the use of icons and other design elements in building a website is just as important as making sure that the user is not lost in a maze of disorganized or misleading icons.  Use icons in the text region but they should not be distracting, the content has to say more interesting and dynamic than the icons.

Which style icons should you choose?

Creativity in choosing or designing icons for use on a website is a priceless skill.  Being creative in coming up with icons that are unique, original, professional and effective in conveying the message of the web page and directing the user to where the content they need is not easy, it takes experience and constant inspiration from other works.  However, because of the difficult times we are in, and because most of us are web designers and not graphic designers, it is much better to buy an icon pack designed by the pros because they are very affordable and effective.  There are many great sites you can get cool website design icons including Seanau, Webalys,  and Web Icon Set.