AirTran is one of the most popular airlines in the Southeast corner of the US.  Before rebranding, the airline was known as ValuJet but after the infamous 1996 crash in Florida, the name was tarnished forever following negative publicity caused by the crash and the many safety violations the company received during that time.
AirTran operates over 1,000 daily flights to destinations within the US, Mexico and the Caribbean.  It is the world’s largest operator of a Boeing 717.  All its flights have a Business class cabin and a coach, all fitted with Wi-Fi and on-demand XM radio.

About the A+ Rewards program

AirTran partners with Chase bank to offer a round trip flight when you spend $1,000 within the first 3 months of joining or opening your account.  The A+ rewards card attracts a $69 annual fee but you will get 2 free credits annually on the anniversary of joining and 2 AirTran Airways Business Class upgrades on first purchases.  Once you enroll on the A+ program, you will have the option to redeem your points by flying AirTran Airways or Southwest Airlines meaning that these credits could be used to travel to over 90 destinations around the world.

Earning the points

1 one-way flight in the coach earns you 1 point and 1.5 points in the business class.
The A+ Visa credit card earns you points in 2 ways: The first, with no annual fee, get 2 credits on sign up and earn 1 credit for every $2,000 spent (get double credits for AirTran purchases).  The second option is pay $49 sign-up fee and get 10 free sign-up credit, 2 annual AirTran gift certificates worth $50 each, earn 1 point for every $1,000 (double credits for AirTran purchases).
All card holders receive twice as long redemption periods for awards
Partners include Hertz, AirTran Mall, American Express Membership Rewards (1 credit per 1,500 points) and


AirTran mainly flies domestic routes in the US but has a number of international flights to various places within the Caribbean/Cancun and Mexico.  They only offer domestic awards to its loyal customers as follows:
8 credits for a one-way flight in the coach.
16 credits for a one-way flight in the business class.
4 credits redemption to upgrade your flight to business class (a good value considering one flight earns you 2 reward credits)
50 credits redemption gets you a domestic flight ticket in any airline in the coach.
100 credits A+ reward points can get you one domestic ticket to anywhere in the world.  This is a good deal too especially if travelling to exotic places.  This flight will earn points as well.
100 credits can also be redeemed for a 1 year coach companion pass.

Elite status

The elite status is a level achieved when one flies at least 10 A+ credits within a 90 day period or by flying at least 25 A+ credits within a 365 day period.  The benefits it offers include free upgrade to business class 40 minutes before departure when space is available, free upgrade from a full-fare coach ticket at time of purchase, 2 years credit expiration, ability to transfer points to other members and 2 free bags.



  • The A+ rewards program is considerably generous in its rewards, the 8 points for a free domestic flight is similar to that of Southwest.
  • Frequent flyers can earn good points when they spend on partners of the program.
  • The program offers unique miles, cash and companion awards reward programs.
  • Offers the unique companion pass redemption alternative for 100 points, something most other frequent flyer programs don’t offer.



  • Although they offer the unique companion pass for 100 points, Southwest airlines give it for free when a customer earns 100 points.
  • The A+ frequent flyer program has a horrible expiration policy.  The points expire just one year after they are earned (2 years for elite and credit card holders)
  • The program has limited partners.  For instance, there are no hotels and other travel or accommodation industry partners.

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