Frontier’s EarlyReturns frequent flyer reward program is one of the many reward programs that people flying frequently in and out of Denver and the Midwest and all over the United States as well as a number of Caribbean destinations including Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. The company also has a number of routes to Mexico and Central America. EarlyReturns and Frontier Airlines both offer a range of fare options that are designed to make it easy for those who want to fly cheap to find the right flights and accumulate significant points at the same time.

Earning points

Members of the EarlyReturns program can earn flyer points in different ways, the primary method being accumulating flight miles. The program awards points based on the distance an account holder has flown. Higher class seats earn more miles per flight as follows: Basic class seats earn the same miles as the distance flown, with a 500 mile minimum per flight. The Economy class seats earn one EarlyReturns mile per mile flown while Classic seats earn 25% bonus. Classic Plus seats earn the highest points per flight – an additional 50% percent bonus on actual miles flown.
Frontier Airlines partners with Great Lakes Airlines and passengers with an EarlyReturns membership can also earn flight miles when they fly use it. However, you have to book your Great Lakes Airline flight via Frontier’s website. Other ways to accrue EarlyReturns miles include staying at partner hotels including Marriott, Rezidor, Wyndham and Hilton, and travel and car rental agencies including Hertz, Budget, Avis and Frontier Cruises. To accumulate even more points, apply for a Frontier Airlines World MasterCard and accumulate miles with your everyday shopping.

Redeeming points

When you have accumulated sufficient EarlyReturns mileage in your account, there are a number of ways you can redeem them. The most popular is to cash in points for a free flight ticket to almost 100 different destinations in the US, Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. The number of points to redeem to get an air ticket varies between 20,000 and 55,000 depending on the type of ticket (class) and the distance to your destination. You can also redeem these points to get free accommodation at Carlson Rezidor hotels, car rentals at Hertz, Avis and National or Amtrak train tickets.
Frontier Airlines abides by the industry standard 25,000 miles or points redemption for one round-trip ticket within the US. One-way trip tickets are available for half the points redeemable for a round-trip (12,500) but the airline does not offer the option of companion tickets. EarlyReturns Elite members also enjoy a few privileges including 2 checked bags free and Last Seat Availability. There are however no flight upgrade redemption option but members can redeem miles for magazine subscriptions and donate miles to one out of 10 charities.


  • Generous rewards – including free 500 miles on EarlyReturns account upon sign up.
  • Lucrative bonus offers every now and then including double to triple miles.
  • Wide range of seating and fare options.
  • Members can earn and redeem miles through third-party websites and travel agents.
  • Simple reward system.


  • Limited destinations to fly to. Larger airlines offer greater points accumulation opportunities.
  • Members can accumulate actual EarlyReturns miles on only one other airline – Great Lakes Airline.
  • An EarlyReturns account can only earn miles on 1 seat per flight.

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